Annual Report 2013

Strategic Moves for the Next Generation Our FifthConsolidatedMedium-TermManagement Plan Effi ciently ExpandingBusiness in Core AreasActual Results 03 Strengthening the oil exploration &production businessIn February 2011, Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. (ADOC) signed aNew 30-Year Concession Agreement covering three existingU.A.E. oil fi elds and an additional concession area, namely theHail Field. The Hail Field is located adjacent to ADOC’s existingthree oil fi elds. This additional area is distinguished in its abilityto shorten the period needed for production by utilizingexisting equipment while holding down investment costs. Inaddition, Qatar Petroleum Development Co., Ltd. (QPD)commenced production at the A-South Oil Field in April 2011.Please see page 14, 15 Engaging in wind power generation operations in earnestRecognizing the stable supply of energy as a core underlying missionof the Company, Cosmo Oil has engaged in wind power generationoperations in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture since 2004 as a partof efforts to promote the use of renewable energy. In March 2010,the Company acquired EcoPower Co., Ltd., Japan’s fourth-largestwind power generating company, marking its full-scale entry into therenewable energy market. EcoPower has a total generation capacityof 145,810 kW, with share of around 6% of the domestic market.Please see page 14, 15 Fostering the ALA (5-Amino Levulinic Acid) businessALA is an amino acid that is essential to sustaining living organisms. CosmoOil Group successfully developed a low-cost, mass production method using afermentation process that enables the application of ALA across a wider rangeof fi elds. Under its Fourth Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan, theCompany expanded its lineup of fertilizers containing ALA for garden usewhile promoting pharmaceutical research and development as a part ofefforts to broaden the scope of the ALA business.Expanding ActivitiesOutside the Oil DomainActual Results 04