Annual Report 2013

(Millions of yen)PetroleumbusinessPetrochemicalbusinessOil explorationand productionbusiness Other Note: 1AdjustmentsNote: 2ConsolidatedNote: 3Net salesOutside customers 3,091,739 12,458 37,531 24,961 ? 3,166,689Inter-segment 24,474 18,011 48,412 61,351 (152,250) ?Total 3,116,214 30,469 85,943 86,312 (152,250) 3,166,689Segment Income (Loss) (23,681) 3,329 60,688 4,857 3,245 48,439Other itemsDepreciation andamortization 31,880 784 3,742 1,348 (966) 36,789Amortization of goodwill 3 ? 6 196 ? 206Amortization ofnegative goodwill ? ? ? 1,281 ? 1,281Interest income 90 2 96 30 (22) 196Interest expenses 12,224 2 111 113 (22) 12,430Equity earnings ofaffi liates (Loss) 918 1,838 4,308 17 ? 7,083Note: 1 Other is segment of non-classifi ed, including construction works, insurance agency, leasing, travel agency and windpower generation, etc.2 Segment Income (Loss) in “Adjustments” ?3,245 million includes ?-192 million for internal eliminations, ?3,624million for inventory adjustments and ?-175 million adjustment of noncurrent assets.3 Segment Income (Loss) is adjusted to ordinary income of consolidated statements of income.4 No asset allocation is made into each segment, so that the description of such information is omitted.(Information about Business Combinations, etc.)(Corporate integration through Acquisition)FY2012 (From April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013)1. Outline of the business combination(1) Names of companies acquired and the description of their businessesNames of companies acquired Sojitz Energy CorporationLine of business Sales of oil products(2) Major reasons for the business combinationThe business combination was carried out to establish a strong domestic sales structure.The Company expects to strengthen its domestic sales business by using a variety ofprocurement resources, the customer base, human resources and know-how that Sojitz EnergyCorporation possesses, and exert synergy effects through the Company’s ability to steadilysupply petroleum products, as well as its extensive logistics network and customer base.(3) Date of business combinationJanuary 31, 2013(4) Legal form of business combinationAcquisition of shares by cash(5) Names after integrationSogo Energy Corporation(6) Ratio of voting right acquiredRatio of voting rights held immediately before the business combination date 0.15%Ratio of voting rights additionally acquired on the business combination date 99.37%Ratio of voting rights after the acquisition 99.52%(7) Main background for determining a target companyThe Company acquired a majority of the voting rights of Sojitz Energy Corporationthrough the acquisition of its stocks in cash.2. Period of business results of the acquired companies included in the fi nancial statementSince the companies were regarded as being acquired on March 31, 2013, none of theirbusiness results is included in the fi nancial statements of the Company.3. Acquisition Cost of the Companies and Breakdown of the Cost(Millions of yen)Consideration as a result of acquisition:Cash used to additionally acquire the common stocks of Sojitz Energy Corporationthat the Company held immediately before the business combination ?6,484Expenses directly incurred for acquisition:Advisory and other expenses ?147Acquisition cost: ?6,6314. Amounts of goodwill incurred, reasons for goodwill generated, amortization methodand period(1) Amounts of goodwill incurred?3,476 million(2) Reasons for goodwill generatedExcess earning capability that is expected to be achieved through improved profi tabilityon the back of the synergy effects.