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Cosmo Selected as FY2019 Nadeshiko Brand

March 6, 2020
Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, Group CEO: Hiroshi Kiriyama) announces that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) have jointly selected it for the first time as a Nadeshiko Brand, a status given to companies that are outstanding in terms of encouraging the empowerment of women in the workplace.

The Cosmo Energy Group has included the promotion of diversity in Oil & New, the 6th Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan, and has been working to develop workplaces that enable employees from various backgrounds to eagerly and actively work while aiming to achieve high productivity and to create new value by gathering together people with diverse values, skills, and experiences.

The Group is also energetically implementing workstyle reforms and promoting consciousness of gender equality to achieve diversity, including the positive contributions of women.

[Workstyle reforms]
• Achieve ways of working not restricted by time and place, such as flextime and teleworking systems
• Promote the rationalization of working hours to raise productivity and improve work-life balance

[Awareness reforms]
• Hold exchange meetings with senior female employees inside and outside the company to help younger female employees envision their careers
• Hold career design training and seminars for working while raising children for both male and female employees
• Establish a system of childbirth leave (paid leave) and partial salary payment during childcare leave to promote male employees’ participation in childcare
• Provide training for employees with subordinates who are raising children

The Cosmo Energy Group is implementing sustainability management in view of the ESG goals and has included the respectful treatment of all the people supporting its corporate activities in its Corporate Action Guidelines. The Group will continue to develop a work environment in which diversity is respected and employees are able to maximize their capabilities.

< Nadeshiko Brand >
Nadeshiko Brand is an initiative of the METI and the TSE to select certain TSE-listed enterprises that are outstanding in terms of encouraging the empowerment of women in the workplace as attractive stocks for investors who put emphasis on improving corporate value in the medium and long term.
Since FY2012, it has aimed to encourage investment in the enterprises selected and help them accelerate their efforts. For its FY2019 list, 46 companies were selected.

Nadeshiko Brand

< Reference: the METI website(in Japanese) >

(The official language for Cosmo Energy Group's filings with the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Japanese authorities, and for communications with our shareholders, is Japanese. We have posted English versions of some of this information on this website. While these English versions have been prepared in good faith, Cosmo Energy Group does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the translations, and reference should be made to the original Japanese language materials.)

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