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Press Release

Announcement on Changes in General Managers
(Effective from April 1, 2020)

February 13, 2020
Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. announces, as set forth below, changes in General Managers effective from April 1, 2020.

Name New Position Current Position
Gota Sakai General Manager, Corporate Planning Dept. Manager, Corporate Planning Dept.
Eriko Date General Manager, Corporate Communication Dept. Manager, Corporate Communication Dept.
Masanari Sugai General Manager, IT Strategy Dept. General Manager, IT System Dept.
Satoshi Iwase General Manager, Purchasing Dept., Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. General Manager, CSR Management Dept.

(The official language for Cosmo Energy Group's filings with the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Japanese authorities, and for communications with our shareholders, is Japanese. We have posted English versions of some of this information on this website. While these English versions have been prepared in good faith, Cosmo Energy Group does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the translations, and reference should be made to the original Japanese language materials.)

(Contact details for inquiries)
Public Relations & Corporate Branding Group, Corporate Communication Dept., Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.
TEL +81-3-3798-3101 FAX +81-3-3798-3841

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