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Press Release

Announcement on equity participation to Cosmo ALA by neopharma LLC

November 30, 2016
Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

We hereby announce that Cosmo Energy Holdings have concluded a Shareholders' Agreement with neopharma LLC (hereinafter "neopharma"), a prominent pharmaceutical company in the UAE. We will jointly participate in the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products containing ALA, which Cosmo ALA Co., Ltd (hereinafter "CALA") has been developing for years and is under the final incubation stage.

We are confident that neopharma is our best partner in this area since they have long experience of pharmaceutical business in the UAE where there is a large market of medicines for diabetes; and their highly established network in the pharmaceutical industry will enable us to enter into new ALA businesses in the Middle East area.

We hope that the neopharma's participation to CALA will bring us two major advantages; stronger relationship with the Middle East countries and more financial resources that will be concentrated in the energy sector.

1. Equity Ratio to COSMO ALA Co., Ltd (after/before 11/30/2016)

  After 11/30/2016 (before)
Cosmo Energy Holdings Co.,Ltd 35%(100%)
neopharma LLC 65%(    0%)

2. Summary of Shareholders of COSMO ALA Co.,Ltd

<neopharma LLC>
(1) Company Name neopharma LLC
(2) Head Office United Arab Emirates
(3) CEO Dr.B.R.Shetty
(4) Main Business Pharmaceutical
(5) Equity 120 MillionUS$
(6) Established October,2003
(7) Number of employees 450
(8) Clients Pfizer, Merck Serono, GSK, Novartis, etc.
(9) Shareholders




H.E.Sh.Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan


(10) Key Financial Numbers
Sales Revenue 86 MillionUS$
Operating Income 22 MillionUS$
Net Income 16 MillionUS$
(1) Company Name COSMO ALA Co.,Ltd
(2) Head Office 1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
(3) Representative Director Akihiro Muranaka
(4) Main Business Manufacturing and distribution of ALA products
(5) Equity 10 thousandUS$
(6) Established December, 2004
(7) Number of employees 20
(8) Shareholder


Cosmo Energy Holdings Co.,Ltd

3. Other ALA Business

Cosmo Trade & Service Co.,Ltd have taken over ALA fertilizer business from CALA and will continue to operate the business regardless of the equity participation to CALA by neopharma.

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