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Press Release

Medal Conferment by the Solomon Islands

July 8, 2016
Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that Keizo Morikawa, President, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer of the company have been conferred a medal by the Solomon Islands.

Medal Conferment

Ceremony:(Left)Keizo Morikawa ,(Right)Frank Kabui

1.Overview of Conferment Ceremony

The medal is conferred by the prime minister to those whom have contributed to the development of the Solomon Islands. This is the 38th ceremony which is held annually on the country's Independence Day. This is the first time for a representative of a Japanese company to be awarded with the medal in the field of environmental conservation.

July 7, 2016
Lawson Tama Stadium, Honiara, Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Meritorious Medal
Solomon Islands/others
Frank Kabui (Governor General),
Manasseh Damukana Sogavare (Prime Minister)
Keizo Morikawa (President, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer)

2. Reason for Conferment

Recognition has been made towards partnering with “APSD” (Asia Pacific Sustainable Development : non-profit organization active in the Solomon Islands) to promote Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture by establishing an agriculture training center and providing financial support for the training courses held.

3. Comment from Morikawa

It is my honor to be conferred the Solomon Islands Meritorious Medal on this occasion representing all the “Eco-Card” customers whom shares the same concept.
Under the concept of preventing global warming, “Cosmo Oil Eco-Card Fund” supports numerous projects to simultaneously develop the economy and protect the environment of local communities. Commercial logging and slash and burn farming were commonly seen in the Solomon Islands back in the year 2000. “Cosmo Oil Eco-Card Fund” formed partnership with “APSD” in 2002 in order to promote sustainable organic farming and reduce industrial development with harsh environmental burden. Our activities have led to increased crop yield and varieties providing stable earnings for the local community.
The future plans are to further stabilize the earnings of the local community by exporting products of the Solomon Islands, using the infrastructures and the networks that the group of our companies have. Specifically, we plan to provide a platform to sell the products through a dedicated website created towards more than 600,000 Cosmo customers. Furthermore, studies are being made to sell the products in the middle-east through the close networks we have in those areas. No other countries or organizations have given economic support whereby providing marketing channels and we hope to be the model for others to follow.
The Cosmo Energy Group, together with the “Cosmo Oil Eco-Card” customers will continue to seek prevention of global warming by supporting sustainable economic expansion and environmental protection of the Solomon Islands

4. Image of the activities in the Solomon Islands

Image of the activities in the Solomon Islands

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