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Organizational Restructuring and Restructuring of Affiliate Companies for smooth transforming to Holding Company

May 12, 2015
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Dept.
Public Relations Office

Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Paid in Capital: 107.2 bn JPY / President: Keizo Morikawa) announces execution of organization restructuring and restructuring of affiliate companies as at or after June 23, 2015. The details of them are as follows:

AA: Organizational Restructuring

1.Purpose of Organization Restructuring

Observing transformation to a Holding (HD) Company, the organizational structure will be restructured as follows in order to make smooth transforming.

2.Overview of Organization Restructuring

(1) The existing Units will be reorganized and attribution of departments to Units will be changed as follows:

Abolition: Risk Management Unit, Project Development Business Unit, Research & Development Unit

Spilt-up: Corporate Management Unit ⇒ Corporate Management Unit, Corporate Risk Management Unit

(2) Safety Management, Supply and Technology sub-Units will be newly established in Supply Unit
(3) Executing amendment of departments & offices including new establishment and abolition

Newly established : Diversity Promotion Dept., Petroleum Products Dept.
Abolition : Petrochemical Dept., Lubricant Business Dept., ALA Business Dept.
Spilt-up & Integration: Accounting & Finance Dept. ⇒ Accounting Dept., Finance Dept.
General Affair Dept., Human Resource Dept. ⇒ Legal Dept., Human Resource & General Affair Dept.
Change of Function & Name: Purchasing Center ⇒ Purchasing Dept.,
Power & Gas Business Dept. ⇒ Power Business Dept.
Research & Development Dept. (* Only Japanese name will be changed)

(4) Organizational restructuring will be effective as of June 23, 2015.

(Except for Power & Gas Business Dept., which will be renamed on April 1, 2015.)

The details of the new organization are as follows:

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

*1 New department
*2 Secretariat Office and Internal Audit Office are placed under direct control of the president.

BB: Restructuring of Affiliate Companies

1.Purpose of Restructuring of Affiliate Companies

Observing transformation to a Holding (HD) Company, the affiliate companies will be restructured as follows in order to make smooth transforming.

2.Overview of Organization Restructuring

  • (1) Cosmo Research Institute will be ceased the operation as at 23rd June 2015 and some part of business will be succeeded to Cosmo Oil.
  • (2) Cosmo Delivery Service will be absorbed in Cosmo Oil Marketing on or after the transformation to a holding company on October 1st 2015
  • (3) Lubricants (LIO series) sales business to Cosmo service stations of Cosmo Oil Lubricants and Car life business and service station development business of Cosmo Trade and Service will be merged to Cosmo Oil Marketing on or after transformation to Holding company on 1st October 2015.
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