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Press Release

Signing MOU about the expansion of Japanese
Language Teaching Program in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

May 2, 2013
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Ritsumeikan Trust

A Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") is signed by the representatives of Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. ("Cosmo Oil"), Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd. ("ADOC"), a subsidiary of Cosmo Oil, and Ritsumeikan Trust ("Ritsumeikan"), on one hand and the representative of the Abu Dhabi Education Council ("ADEC") on the other hand, with the objectives of (1)the expansion of the Japanese Language Teaching Program ("JLTP") in the Applied Technology High School ("ATHS") Abu Dhabi premises which started from September, 2011, (2)the expansion of the cooperation in various area such as receiving students from Abu Dhabi, and (3)the discussion on the conditions to receive the students from Abu Dhabi.

Date May 1st, 2013
Place Jumeirah Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Signers H.E. Augheer Al Khaili, Director General, ADEC
Mr. Yukihiro Tanaka, Representative & General Manager, ADOC
Mr. Satoshi Matsui, General Manager, Cosmo Oil
Mr. Kiyofumi Kawaguchi, Chancellor of Ritsumeikan

Cosmo Oil, ADOC and Ritsumeikan have commenced "COSMO ADOC Ritsumeikan Japanese Language Teaching Program" in September, 2011. Cosmo Oil and ADOC give financial support on the JLTP. Ritsumeikan provides technical support on 3 Japanese teachers working in Abu Dhabi, and also designs and supervises the curriculum of the program.

Under JLTP, 48 students in Grade 10 and 11 of ATHS currently study Japanese language. In 2012, 10 students came to Japan and studied in short term in Ritsumeikan High School, as well as 24 students did in Ritsumeikan Uji High School.

As both government of Japan and U.A.E. highly appreciate this program, we will do our best to further enhance the educational contribution under the MOU. And we wish children in U.A.E. have more understanding on Japanese language and culture, and they become the engines to boost the excellent bilateral relationship in the future.

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