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Press Release

Reporting on Asphalt Leakage (3rd Report)

July 6, 2012
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Public Relations Office

Recovery of the asphalt which leaked from Chiba Refinery on June 28th is being continued under supervision and advice from the authorities with the latest situation as per below:

1. Amount of asphalt leakage to the sea There were some reports stating that most of the 437KL (conversion temperature 15 degrees centigrade) of asphalt leaked to the sea but the actual amount according to our estimation is 72KL (conversion temperature 15 degrees centigrade).

The asphalt which did leak to the sea is contained within the oil-fence and being recovered. But estimating from the floating oil in the sea, approximately 2KL has leaked outside the containment.
2. Cause of the Leakage Under investigation

We sincerely apologize for the concerns and inconvenience caused to the local residents and to all persons affected.

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