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Lift on Suspension of Use of LPG Tanks & LPG Related Loading Facilities at Chiba Refinery and Receipt of Safety Inspection Certificate for Several Units at Chiba Refinery

December 27, 2011
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communication Dept.
Public Relations Office

Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / Paid in Capital: 107.2 bn JPY / President: Yaichi Kimura) wish to express our sincere apologies on the concerns and inconveniences caused to the local residents and to all those whom have been affected by the fire/explosion of the liquefied petroleum gas tanks at Chiba Refinery.

In accordance with the inspection results conducted under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, we have received the safety inspection certificate on several of the refinery units, such as the Direct De-sulphurisation Unit, from Chiba Prefecture on December 27th. The suspension on use of LPG Tanks & LPG related loading facilities have also been lifted by the Governor of Chiba Prefecture.

We will begin preparation to resume operations for those units which have been certified with utmost care on safety based on our already prepared safety procedures. Other units will also resume operations as they become certified.

The schedule for resuming full refinery operation, including the reconstruction of the damaged LPG Tanks, is still unclear but we will make maximum effort to receive understanding and acceptance from the authorities and local residents with safety being the highest priority.

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