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Review of Operations:
Other Businesses

Oil Exploration and Production Business
Petroleum Business
Petrochemical Business
Other Businesses
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(Billions of yen)
  Results Year-on-Year Change
Net sales \75.7 Down \3.7
Operating income \3.8 Down \0.8
Ordinary income \4.4 Down \1.1

FY2015 PROJECTION (Announced in May 2015)

(Billions of yen)
  Projections Year-on-Year Change
Net sales \80.0 Up \4.3
Operating income \4.5 Up \0.7
Ordinary income \4.5 Up \0.1


In the wind power generation business, EcoPower Co., Ltd. aggressively worked to develop new wind power generation facilities. As a result, the Hirogawa-Hidakagawa Wind Farm in Wakayama Prefecture and the Aizuwakamatsu Wind Farm in Fukushima Prefecture began operating ahead of schedule. Accordingly, total power generation capacity expanded to 183,000 kW from 147,000 kW in the previous fiscal year. Existing power generation facilities continued to operate stably, leading to the fifth consecutive year of growth in revenues, while profits remained on a par with the previous fiscal year.

In fertilizer operations of the ALA business, Cosmo Oil strengthened its lineup of fertilizer products for home gardening, introduced a new liquid fertilizer made specifically for sports turf at stadiums, and worked to expand sales channels. At the same time, Cosmo Oil began developing solid fertilizers that can be used for agriculture inside and outside Japan.

As a result of these activities, net sales totaled \75.7 billion, down \3.7 billion year on year, and ordinary income came to \4.4 billion, down \1.1 billion, in the Other Business segment.


Renewable Energy
In the field of wind power generation, construction of a wind farm is progressing steadily with the Watarai project in Mie Prefecture slated to start operations in the second half of FY2016. Through these and other initiatives, the Group is endeavoring to further expand business.

The Potential of 5-Amino Levulinic Acid (ALA)
Cosmo Oil has developed a technology that enables the safe and inexpensive manufacture of ALA, a naturally occurring amino acid, utilizing a fermentation process. ALA is a chlorophyll and hemoprotein precursor and has the potential to be used across a wide range of products including fertilizer, health food products, pharmaceuticals, hair growth treatments, and livestock feed. In order to develop applications for ALA across the cosmetics, health food, and pharmaceuticals fields, Cosmo Oil established a joint-venture company with SBI Holdings Inc. in fiscal 2008. Energies are currently being channeled toward the development of new ALA compound products. In January 2015, Cosmo Oil signed a patent licensing agreement with the joint venture SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. to facilitate the efficient development of the ALA business.

Progress in the ALA Business

    Existing Business Cultivating New Business Fields
Raw Material Raw Material Business

Manufacture and sale of active ingredients for fertilizers, animal feed, health food products, and reagents for laboratory tests

Manufacture and sale of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Development of pharmaceutical agents

Finished Products Fertilizer Business

Liquid fertilizer: PENTAKEEP (for agricultural use)

Liquid fertilizer: PENTAGARDEN (for horticultural use)

Liquid fertilizer: PENTAGARDEN PRO-1400 (for horticultural use)

Solid fertilizer: PENTAGARDEN Pellet (for horticultural use)

Liquid fertilizer: ALA GARDEN TURF (for sports turf)

Solid fertilizers for agricultural use

Animal Feed Business

Sale of a raw material for fish feed in Japan

Hair Treatment Business  

Hair treatment products (under joint development with Milbon Co., Ltd.)

Joint-Venture Business with the SBI Group

    Existing Business Cultivating New Business Fields
Finished Products Cosmetics Business

"ALA Plus Series" (SBI ALApromo Co., Ltd.)

"L'ala Solomon Series" (Sustainable Crew Ltd.)

Health Food Business

"ALA Plus Series" (SBI ALApromo Co., Ltd.)

"Bi Chocola Enrich" (Eisai Co., Ltd.)

"Kilaris/ALA" (Nippo Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.)

Pharmaceuticals Business

Intraoperative diagnosis agent for encephaloma (SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.)

Light equipment for medical use (SBI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.)

Intraoperative diagnosis agent for bladder cancer

Cancer chemotherapy anti-anemia agent

Mitochondrial disease treatment

Review of Operations:
Other Business
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