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Informations about the Amendment to the Consolidated Business Outlook

February 2, 2012
Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communication Dept. Public Relations Office

Cosmo Oil Co.,Ltd. (hereafter "theCompany") has amended the consolidated business outlook for FY2011(ending March 31,2012), previously announced on November 2, 2011, as follows.

  1. Amendment to the consolidated business outlook for FY2011 (April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012)

    (Unit:million yen)

      Net sales Operating
    Net income Net income
    Per share
    Previously announced forecast(A)
    (on November 2, 2011)
    3,070,000 74,000 72,000 13,000 yen sen
    Currently amended forecast(B) 3,070,000 74,000 72,000 0 0.00
    Change(B-A) - - - - 13,000  
    Change(%) - - - - 100.0  
    Previous year results
    (ended March 31, 2011)
    2,771,523 104,097 96,094 28,933 34.16
  2. Reason for the Amendment
    The proclamation of the "law to revise part of the Income Tax Law and other laws to rebuild the tax system in response to structural changes in the economy and society of Japan" and of the "law on special measures related to securing financial sources necessary to execut eprograms for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake" caused a revision in corporate tax rates and other matters, making the Company anticipated to reverse a part of its deferred tax assets.
  • (Note) The above business out look is based on information available as of the published date of this release and actual results may materially differ from the forecast subject to variable factors that may arise in the future.

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