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Basic Policy regarding Earnings Appropriation and Dividend

The Company places particular emphasis on shareholder return. Its basic policy is to maintain stable dividend payments by taking financial structural enhancement, future business development, business results and balanced fund positions into due consideration.

  Annual dividend per share Total
  Interim Year-end
FY2022 (TBD) 150yen 75yen 75yen
FY2021 100yen 0yen 100yen
FY2020 80yen 0yen 80yen
FY2019 80yen 0yen 80yen
FY2018 80yen 0yen 80yen
FY2017 50yen 0yen 50yen
FY2016 50yen 0yen 50yen
FY2015 40yen 0yen 40yen
FY2014 0yen 0yen 0yen
FY2013 2yen 0yen 2yen
FY2012 0yen 0yen 0yen
FY2011 8yen 0yen 8yen
FY2010 8yen 0yen 8yen
FY2009 8yen 0yen 8yen
FY2008 8yen 3yen 5yen
FY2007 8yen 3yen 5yen
FY2006 8yen 3yen 5yen
FY2005 10yen 3yen 7yen
FY2004 8yen 3yen 5yen

* FY2004-FY2014: Before Transforming to Holding Company System

* In FY2005, we paid a dividend for the second half year at \7 per share consisting of an ordinary dividend of \5 and a bonus dividend of \2 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the merger into the Cosmo Oil Group.

Acquisition of treasury shares

Stock Split

There have been no stock splits.

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