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COSMO ENERGY GROUP Value Chain and Business Areas

Business Flow and Activities

Oil Exploration
and Production

Besides purchasing crude oil from producing countries, the Cosmo Energy Group is engaged in oil exploration and production in cooperation with producing countries, and transports procured crude oil to refineries in Japan.

Oil Exploration and Production Business (PDF/233K)

Petroleum Business
(Refining and Sales)

The group is engaged in oil refining and sales of a wide range of petroleum products from gasoline to heavy oil and is also expanding car leasing business for individual customers.

Petroleum Business (PDF/378K)

Petrochemical Business

The group manufactures petrochemical products and sell the products in Japan and overseas.

Petrochemical Business (PDF/222K)

Renewable Energy Business

The Group has been expanding wind power generation business to diversify energy supply sources.

Other Businesses (Renewable Energy) (PDF/273K)

Oil exploration and production, procurement

Procuring crude oil through independent development and from oil producing countries.


Stockpile of petroleum for 70 days or more in case of emergency

& development

Advanced research on manufacturing technologies

Renewable energy

Nationwide operation of wind power and solar power generation facilities,and dister buton of electricity

Marine transportation

Transportation by tankers of purchased or independently developed crude oil and petroleum products based on supply and demand.

Oil refining and production

Production of gasoline, gas oil, heating oil, and feedstock for petrochemicals, in accordance with market needs

Manufacturing of
petrochemical products

Manufacturing of raw materials for plastics, textiles, and other products, in accordance with market needs

Export of
petroleum products

Export of petroleum products, in accordance with overseas demand


Use of appropriate transportation methods in consideration of costs and regional characteristics. Supply of petroleum products to customers of various industries and service station operators, in accordance with their needs

Domestic sales
(service stations and
service station operators)

Sales of gasoline, gas oil, and other products, and general support of customers’ car-life

Domestic sales
(industrial use)


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