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Basic Stance on Environmental Initiatives

The Cosmo Energy Group has taken an active stance toward the global environment since the 1990s and continues to regard the environment as a priority management issue. As such, the Group continually strives to reduce its environmental impact in order to preserve the environment on a global scale while carrying out its core business operations. Cosmo Energy Holdings's mainstay oil business covers both upstream and downstream processes that begin with the independent production of crude oil carried out through to the manufacture and sale of petroleum products. Cosmo Energy Holding also consistently reaches out beyond the scope of its oil business to offer support in regions and to people directly confronted with major environmental issues that threaten the world's sustainability.

The Cosmo Energy Group works diligently to foster the public's concern for the preservation of the global environment and encourage their participation in environmental conservation activities through active environmental communication measures. Further, it addresses environmental problems with sincerity, taking on issues close to home as well as those with a broad global scope. The overall goal of which is to develop initiatives that become a standard for others to follow while also becoming a leader in the creation of new social environment trends.

Environmental Policies

The Cosmo Energy Group, which works primarily with petroleum energy, aims to become an energy company that offers new value while emphasizing harmony and a peaceful coexistence with the globe, its people and society, in the hope of building a prosperous future at the global level. The Group acknowledges both the benefits that petroleum has given to humankind as well as the impact that mass petroleum consumption has on the global environment.

  • Global environmental issues are one of the most important issues for Cosmo Energy Holding, and the Company constructively works to preserve the environment.
  • The Group works to minimize its environmental impact by conserving resources and energy and reducing pollutant emissions in all stages of its business activities, including material procurement, R&D, manufacturing, distribution, sales and disposal.
  • The Group takes the environment into account when formulating business plans, such as for new business, product development and supply, large-scale equipment installations, and large-scale construction work, and takes preemptive measures as necessary.
  • The Group is actively involved in developing technology that aims to preserve the environment by developing products with lower environmental impact and pursuing new energy businesses.
  • Cosmo actively reduces and recycles waste and helps to build a recycling-oriented society.
  • Cosmo actively supports the shift to environmental technology and supports nature conservation activities both in Japan and internationally.

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