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Overview of Cosmo Oil Eco Card Fund Activities

Activities (Overseas)

  • Tropical Rainforest Conservation Project (Papua New Guinea)
  • Tropical Rainforest Conservation Project (Solomon Islands)
  • South Pacific Countries Support (Kiribati)
  • South Pacific Countries Support (Tuvalu)
  • Noguchi Ken Growing Forests in the Himalayas (Nepal)

Activities (Japan)

  • Seed Planting School returning former golf course to forest land
  • The sea is longing for the Forest is planting trees to protect the sea
  • The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland and growing forests in Higashi Matsushima
  • Working with horses to preserve the Tsuru satoyama (village forest)
  • A ten-year coastal forest regeneration plan
  • Restoring the coastal forest of Kujukuri Beach to its pre-earthquake condition
  • Protecting and regenerating the forests of the Mount Fuji world heritage site
  • Satoyama preservation by local residents in Kamiyama
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