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About Cosmo Oil Eco Card

Contribute to efforts to protect the environment for only 500 yen a year Cosmo Oil Eco Card

Cosmo Oil will work with you to reduce your individual CO2 emissions.

An example is when we drive our vehicles,

Oil makes our lives more convenient, but at the same time,
we’re emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.

But, for 500 yen a year, you can participate in
an environmental project that connects to the reduction of CO2 emissions released by you.

How can you participate? Just become a Cosmo Oil Eco Card cardholder

Your yearly contribution of 500 yen provides tremendous support to environmental efforts

By becoming a Cosmo Oil Eco Card cardholder, 500 yen will be automatically donated to environmental efforts once a year.
(Every subsequent year after becoming a cardholder, 500 yen will automatically be deducted on the month you became a cardholder)

It’s amazing that we can support such a wide range of environmental efforts through our annual donation of 500 yen.

Donations from


32,000,000 yen


Approximately 40% of the fund is funded through donations from cardholders.

Donations and contributions from
the Cosmo Energy Group


38,000,000 yen


Donations are derived from a percentage of customer sales at Cosmo Oil SS.

We are supporting environmental efforts
using our Cosmo Oil Eco Card!

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