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Income and Expenditure Report


Contributions from Eco Card cardholders 31,765,500yen
Contributions from Cosmo Energy Group 38,684,454yen
(1) Contributions from Cosmo Oil Marketing From ECO battery sales 1,427,380yen
(2) Contributions from Cosmo Energy Holdings Funds collected from Platinum users 7,294,500yen
(3) Contributions from Cosmo Oil Marketing From ECO oil sales 1,647,081yen
(4) Contributions from Cosmo Oil Marketing From Card sales 28,315,493yen
Interest on deposits / Other income 948yen
Income total 70,450,902yen


Overseas expenditure subtotal 31,470,494yen
Tropical Rainforest Conservation Project (Solomon Islands) 7,200,000yen
Tropical Rainforest Conservation Project (Papua New Guinea) 6,592,221yen
Growing forests with resilience against abnormal weather (Philippines) 5,215,402yen
Growing forests in the Himalayas (Nepal) 4,833,639yen
South Pacific Countries Support (Kiribati) 2,712,691yen
South Pacific Countries Support (Tuvalu) 2,571,541yen
Creating forests with Asian honey bees (Thailand) 2,571,541yen
Domestic expenditure subtotal 21,240,662yen
A ten-year coastal forest regeneration plan 4,000,000yen
Afan Woodland 3,147,319yen
Coastal reforestation of Kujukuri Beach 2,999,806yen
Mount Fuji Forest 2,793,555yen
Satoyama preservation in Kamiyama 2,498,782yen
The sea is longing for the Forest 2,480,607yen
Turning Hachioji's satoyama into a bright forest 1,820,593yen
Yasuga Irodori Forest, where people and animals live in harmony 1,500,000yen
Other expenditures subtotal 10,295,604yen
Contracting expenses to experts 400,000yen
Activity report, production expenses 2,358,180yen
Activity report, printing and postage expenses 7,023,240yen
Accounting and management consultant fees 482,000yen
Bank transfer fees 30,456yen
Bank Balance certificate issue fee 1,728yen
Expenditure total 63,006,760yen
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