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Environmental Report 2003

cover: Environmental Report 2003

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Environmental Report 2003 Contents

 All pages download  60Pages/1.8MBPDF
 The Cosmo Oil Group Profile  1Page/129KBPDF
 Editorial Policy and Scope of Report  1Page/23KBPDF
 Message from the Chairman  2Pages/47KBPDF
 Executive Summary  3Pages/72KBPDF
 Business Processes and Stakeholders  1Page/18KBPDF
 Vision and Management Strategy
· Corporate Vision
· Medium-Term Plans
· Corporate Behavior Guidelines
 Committed to Environmental Excellence  1Page/224KBPDF
· Oil and the Environment Our Perspective
· Working for a Better Global Environment
/Reducing Impacts from Business Operations
· Reducing Impacts during Product Use
· Integrated Energy Projects
· Expanding Our Environmental Accounting System
· Expanding Our Environmental Business
 Working with Customers and Society
· Working with Customers
· Working with Society
· Working with the International Community
· Communicating with the Customer and Community
 Environmental and Social Performance
· Progress Report of Medium-Term Environmental Plan
· Environmental Impacts from business activities
· Production, Transport, and Storage of Crude Oil
· Oil Refineries and Offices
· Distribution
· Service Stations
· Working with Employees
 Economic Performance
· Financial Performance
· Cosmo Oil Group Medium-Term Management Plan
 Environmental Accounting  4Pages/118KBPDF
 Environmental Activities Milestones  1Page/25KBPDF
 Oil Refining – Terminology  1Page/16KBPDF
 Third-Party Comment  1Page/16KBPDF
 Independent Review  1Page/48KBPDF
 Data by Site
· Chiba Oil Refinery
· Yokkaichi Oil Refinery
· Sakai Oil Refinery
· Sakaide Oil Refinery
· Cosmo Matsuyama Oil
· Research and Development Center
/Cosmo Oil Lubricants
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