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Environmental Report 2001

cover: Environmental Report 2001

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Environmental Report 2001 Contents

 All pages download  50Pages/956KBPDF
 Editorial Policy and Report Coverage  1Page/19KBPDF
 Corporate Profile  1Page/18KBPDF
 Message from Chairmanthe  2Pages/32KBPDF
 Year 2000 Highlights  2Pages/77KBPDF
 Vision and Strategy  4Pages/44KBPDF
 Environmental Protection Activities
· Policy/Action Plan and Results
· Environmental Activities Promotion System
· Results in Reduction of Environmental Impact
· Fuel Oil Quality Regulations and Responses
· Environmental Accounting
 Environmental Performance
· Environmental Impact of Business Activities
· Oil Field Development,Crude Oil Transport
· Oil Refineries
· Distribution (Domestic Product Transport)
· Service Stations (SS)
· Offices
· Development and Sales of Environmental Products and Technologie
 Social Performance
· Business Safety and Emergency Countermeasures
· International Cooperation
· Public Relations Activities
· Social Contribution
· Customers, the Community and our Employees
 Economic Performance  2Pages/28KBPDF
 Data by Site
· Chiba Oil Refinery
· Yokkaichi Oil Refinery
· Sakai Oil Refinery
· Sakaide Oil Refinery
· Others
 Terminology  1Page/13KBPDF
 Steps in Environmental Protection Activities  2Pages/40KBPDF
 Independent Review Report  1Page/56KBPDF
 Editorial Postscript  1Page/10KBPDF
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