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Sustainability Report 2009

cover : Sustainability Report 2009
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Sustainability Report 2009 Contents

Contents / Editorial Policy / Boundary and Period Covered / Issue Period / Inquiries 1Page/494KB
Outline of the Cosmo Oil Group 2Pages/332KB
Petroleum Business and Group Summary 2Pages/246KB

Top Management Commitment 2Pages/180KB

Special Feature 1 : Putting the "Filling Up Your Hearts, Too" Declaration into Practice at Service Stations 4Pages/664KB
Special Feature 2 : Reinforcing Safety Management at Refineries 2Pages/271KB
Special Feature 3 : The Infinite Possibilities of ALA 2Pages/423KB

Cosmo Oil Group CSR Management 2Pages/60KB
Medium-Term Management Plan and CSR Promotion 2Pages/446KB

Customer Satisfaction and a Stable Energy Supply 2Pages/226KB

Safe Operations 2Pages/165KB

Working with Employees 2Pages/145KB

Working in Harmony with the Global Environment 2Pages/172KB
• Environmental Impact of Business Activities 2Pages/281KB
• Efforts to Prevent Global Warming 2Pages/314KB
• Pollutant Control, Waste Management, Soil Preservation, and Other Activities 2Pages/318KB

Communicating with Society 2Pages/410KB
• Activities for Society and the Environment 2Pages/771KB

Integrity in Corporate Practices 2Pages/299KB

Taking CSR Activities to the Next Level 1Page/348KB

Sustainability Report 2009 and the Web Site 1Page/229KB
Independent Assurance Report 1Page/408KB
GRI Content Index 2Pages/200KB

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