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Sustainability Report 2007

cover : Sustainability Report 2007
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Sustainability Report 2007 Contents

Contents/Editorial Policy/Report Coverage/Other Publications 1Page/157KB
Cosmo Oil Group's Stakeholders 1Page/362KB
Outline of the Cosmo Oil Group 2Pages/300KB

A Commitment from Top Management 2Pages/258KB

Stance on Compliance 2Pages/225KB
• Interview Report 4Pages/420KB
• Expert Panel Discussion 4Pages/383KB

Promoting and Strengthening CSR Management 1Page/146KB
• Corporate Governance 1Page/191KB
• Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan and CSR Promotion 1Page/215KB
• Compliance and Risk Management 1Page/210KB
• Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Global Environment 4Pages/840KB

Safety Report 1Page/278KB
• Initiatives for Safety 1Page/145KB

Environmental Report 1Page/453KB
• Comprehensive Overview of Environmental Activities 1Page/453KB
• Environmental Management System 2Pages/224KB
• Environmental Impacts from Business Activities 2Pages/469KB
• Prevention of Global Warming 2Pages/232KB
• Pollutant Control and Waste Management 1Page/166KB
• Soil Preservation 1Page/122KB
• Environmental Preservation Measures 2Pages/565KB

Communications Report 1Page/546KB
• Activities through the Cosmo Oil Eco Card Fund 1Page/200KB
• Sending Out an Environmental Message 1Page/223KB
• Activities Centered on Children, the Environment, and Society 1Page/391KB

Social Report 1Page/247KB
• Relationship with Our Customers 2Pages/766KB
• Relationships with Our Shareholders and Investors 1Page/212KB
• Relationship with Our Employees 2Pages/790KB
• Relationships with the International Community and Oil-Producing Countries 2Pages/501KB

Third Party Opinion 1Page/123KB
Independent Review Report 1Page/367MB
GRI Content Index 1Page/96KB
Indices for figures, graphs, and tables 1Page/83KB

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