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Sustainability Report 2006

cover : Sustainability Report 2006
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Sustainability Report 2006 Contents

Editorial Policy / Report Coverage / Other Publications 1Page/123KB
Contents 1Page/116KB
Commitment 2Pages/282KB
About the April 2006 Accident at the Chiba Refinery and a Series of Misconduct 2Pages/199KB
Outline of the Cosmo Oil Group / Corporate Profile / Financial Data 2Pages/369KB

Governance Aspect
• Activities for Recovering our Credibility 1Page/332KB
• Corporate Governance 1Page/319KB
• Consolidated Medium-Term Management Plan and CSR Promotion 1Page/339KB
• Compliance and Risk Management 1Page/358KB
• Preventing Misconduct from Recurrence 1Page/392KB
• Activities for Safety 1Page/400KB

Environmental Aspect
• Our Approach to the Environment
 "Consolidated Medium-Term Environmental Plan"
• Environmental Management System 2Pages/472KB
• Environmental Impacts from Business Activities 2Pages/555KB
• Prevention of Global Warming 2Pages/586KB
• Pollutants and Waste Management 1Page/601KB
• Soil Environmental Preservation 1Page/624KB
• Environmental Preservation Action and Communication 4Pages/914KB

Social Aspect
• Relationship with our Stakeholders 2Pages/947KB
• Working with our Employees 2Pages/707KB
• Relationship with our Customers 1Page/718KB
• Relationship with our Stockholders and Investors 1Page/809KB
• Relationship with International Communities and Oil-producing Countries 1Page/896KB
• Social Contribution Activities 1Page/965KB

Third-Party Comment 1Page/803KB
Independent Review Report 1Page/1.04MB
GRI Content Index 1Page/824KB
Indices for figures, graphs, and tables 1Page839/KB

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