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Sustainability Report 2005

cover : Sustainability Report 2005
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Sustainability Report 2005 Contents

Outline of the Cosmo Oil Group 1Page/32KB
Index 1Page/131KB

Commitment 2Pages/107KB
Vision 2Pages/178KB

Materialization of the Management Vision 2Pages/110KB
Corporate Management with Integrity 6Pages/310KB

Economic Aspect
• Strengthening Management Bases 2Pages/275KB

Environmental Aspect
• Living with Our Planet 2Pages/604KB
• Results of the Medium-term Environmental Plan (Fiscal 2002-2004) 4Pages/417KB
• Environmental Impact of Business Activities 2Pages/111KB
• Crude Oil Production, Transport,and Stockpiling 2Pages/284KB
• Refineries 3Pages/169KB
• Logistics 1Page/103KB
• SS (Service Stations) 1Page/96KB
• Office 1Page/138KB
• R&D and New Business Ventures 2Pages/151KB

Social Aspect
• Filling up Your Hearts, Too 2Pages/189KB
• Improving Customer Satisfaction 2Pages/146KB
• Together with a Global Community 2Pages/240KB
• Together with Company Staffs 4Pages/235KB
• Safety Management 2Pages/203KB
• Global Cooperation 2Pages/233KB
• Communication with Society 4Pages/926KB

Third-Party Comment 1Page/46KB
Independent Review Report 1Page/566KB
Photo Captions 1Page/36KB

cover : Sustainability Report 2005 Related Data
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Sustainability Report 2005 Related Data

Contents 1Page/35KB
Cosmo Oil Group Corporate Activity Guideline 1Page/38KB
Environmental Activities' Milestones 2Pages/50KB
Result of Medium-term Environmental Plan "Blue Earth 21" 2Pages/75KB
Cosmo Oil Group Consolidated Medium-term CSR Management Plan (Fiscal 2005 - 2007) 2Pages/47KB
Quality Improvement of Petroleum Products 2Pages/44KB
Cosmo Oil Group Environmental Technologies and Products 2Pages/76KB
Environmental Impact of Business Activities 2Pages/54KB
Environmental Performance 4Pages/143KB
Environmental Accounting 4Pages/94KB
Social Performance 2Pages/64KB

Site Data
• Chiba Refinery 2Pages/121KB
• Yokkaichi Refinery 2Pages/118KB
• Sakai Refinery 2Pages/118KB
• Sakaide Refinery 2Pages/96KB
• Cosmo Matsuyama Oil Co., Ltd. 2Pages/94KB
• Cosmo Research & Development Center 1Page/102KB
• Cosmo Oil Lubricants Co., Ltd.
  /Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd. Head Office and Branches

Vis-a-vis Guidelines 2Pages/36KB
Glossary 2Pages/39KB

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